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Please join us, a team of dedicated divers and students from various countries, on our expedition to the northern coast of the Black Sea!

You have just become a certified diver! Now what are you going to do with that piece of paper? Will you enjoy using your new skills at one of those crowded resorts where you admire the beauty of the sea in the midst of its tranquility... wile up on the surface dozens of other tourists crowd around the deck of a dive boat just as eager as you were to "be the first to discover the unexplored miracles that lie below the waves!" just like your travel agent promised you?

Of course, that is exactly what he said to everyone who came after you, so maybe you would like to do something different. Maybe you would truly explore something rather than become just another tourist with a tank?

If so, join the Black Sea Shipwreck Research Project! Take this unique chance to explore Ukraine, a young, independent and rapidly developing European state with a fascinating past! We are more than happy to invite you to join the archaeological community, even if you do not feel you have enough experience to excavate underwater.

In fact, we promise to teach you everything you need to know! And best of all, you get the satisfaction of making a personal difference as you help us in our efforts to protect and study our rich culture and history!

Feel free to ask any questions you may, and we will try to answer them in our letters.

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