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Archaeological Finds
The team of CUA is currently fulfilling a research project named "The Italian Shipwreck of the 13th Century AD in the Black Sea - Pisa Shipwreck".

One of the wrecks CUA is currently studying was found some 40 years ago and was not at first recognized as a shipwreck. A number of ideas and theories were suggested on the nature of the site, but the first suggestion about the shipwrecks identity was made in 1999 by Dr. Sergiy Zelenko. The shipwreck was named the "Pisan Ship". The identification was based on a number of particular archaeological materials and Italian archival documents. The remains of this ship may date back to 1277 according to a narrative description found in Italian archives. The vessel may have been a Pisan ship with cargo of amphorae and glazed pottery, trying to escape a Genoese ship following her up from Sinope. The final battle happened near Sudak Fortress and resulted with a big fire on the ship's deck and her subsequent loss.

The wreck is located at the Bay of Sudak on the southeastern coast, and was completely damaged by the storms. Over the years the beach became deeper and eventually covered the wreck with two meters of sand, pebbles and small and medium sized stones.
During June-August 2007, CUA will continue to conduct an excavation of the wreck.

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