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TEAM # 1

Two sessions of the CUA field school were working from July to August 2006

Greetings from the 2006 Black Sea Shipwrecks Research Project's Team.
In 2006 we were participating with the Centre for Underwater Archaeology of the University of Kiev's in the investigation and excavation of a thirteenth-century shipwreck in the Sudak Bay.

TEAM # 2 Team 2

Martina Jiroušková, the Czech Republic, Charles University of Prague.

I am especially interested in the Byzantine Empire and its history. Participation on this project is my first meeting with underwater archaeology.

I started stydying archaeology because I was interested in ancient history and during studies After I learnt diving I started to think about the underwater archaeology. I was browsing through Internet looking for pages containing my theme of interest and I was thinking of a way how to get to know about underwater archaeology.
Some day I found at the AJA pages your CUA and I began to hope I could get to your fieldschool.
I am very happy I was selected for your Research Project. I expect to know archaeological work underwater and how to work with archaeological situations and findings that were found underwater. I also expect I could include underwater archaeology to my thesis. Underwater archaeology is in the Czech Republic almost unknown. We do not have sea and here is nobody to devote to this subject and I think it will be useful if somebody brings methods of underwater archaeology nearer to not only czech archaeologists.


Hillary Smith, USA, Colby College in Waterville

I am studying English Language & Literature and Russian Language, Literature & Culture. I have been SCUBA diving since age twelve and plan to study to become a DiveMaster in the fall. I enjoy eating gruel, not showering, and missing flights on purpose.

Hillary Smith  

Kimberley Koper, USA, graduated from Brown University

I have bachelor's degrees in Old World Art and Archaeology and Classics. Last summer, I spent six weeks excavating the Roman town of Tongobriga in Portugal, but this project is my first foray into the world of underwater archaeology. I enjoy endlessly dusting off rocks for photographs in 110° F heat, cursing in Dutch to the surprise and delight of my fellow team members, and being serenaded by cicadas.

Kimberly Koper  

Gabriel Miller, USA, Brown

Although currently I am undecided about my major, I am interested in biology and history. I am always happy to learn something new, and this experience of intensive diving and archaeology is giving me plenty to be happy about. This is my first archaeological expedition.

Gabriel Miller
Megan Goetsch  

Megan Goetsch, USA, Brown

From an early age, I have had a passion for photography. So when my brother, leader of this fine expedition, asked me to join as the documenter, I gladly accepted. I am studying film and media at Brown University and am entering my sophomore year. New to scuba diving and archaeology I hope to aid the group with my background in documentary productions and general joviality.

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