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Starting from 1993, a team of underwater archaeologists from the Center for Underwater Archaeology, the University of Kiev, led by dr. Sergiy Zelenko have been carrying out regular coastal surveys off the Crimea, in the south eastern part of the peninsula. The surveys aimed at mapping and localizing new underwater archaeological sites, submerged objects and wrecks. The most important and interesting results came from a surveys of a medieval shipwreck found near the Cape of Plaka and from the shelf of the Sudak Bay area, between the Capes of Meganom and Ai-Foka.
In 1993 remains of a wreck site was discovered off the Cape of Plaka and located at a depth of 10 m flanked by large stones and rocks. Between rocks were found a concentration of big fragments of medieval amphorae, two of them were complete and a fragment of a lead sheet. Such lead sheets were used as side or bottom - planking of the ship in ancient times. These patches with ceramic indicate the presence of a shipwreck, which has been dated preliminary back to the 7th century AD accordingly the ceramic finds. To date, two “carrot type” amphorae are stored in the Alushta local museum and big amounts of others remain on the seabed at Meganom.
In the Bay of Sudak there were found three more possible shipwrecks sites: the first shipwreck site was discovered during underwater archaeological exploration off the shelf area in the western part of the Sudak Bay, near the small town-resort Novy Svet. The second shipwreck site was discovered during the underwater surveys near Meganom, a cape in the east part of the Bay of Sudak. A cargo of the ship is represented by medieval amphorae of two types and an anchor of the same period of time as the vessels. Their preservation is much worse than those found near Novy Svet as the second shipwreck is situated at the shallow. Amphorae are dated to the 10th-11th centuries.
One more shipwreck site has been discovered in the Sudak Bay area. In the 1980s a trawl net of the fishing boat was trawling at the 50 m depth and went above the shipwreck site. An amphora of the Ganos type I was taken on board. It had a stamp with Greek monogram of Byzantine Emperor Nicephorus III Botaneiates (1078-1081) within a circular border. Also there was a Greek inscription under the stamp. The similar stamps is known from the excavations in Bulgaria and Ukraine. This amphora is kept in the private collection.

The artcles on these sites are here: Zelenko Vita Antiqua 1999.pdf (6400 Kb), Zelenko Vita Antiqua 2001.pdf (7733 Kb)

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