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There is only one unique educational organization which combines both research and educational programmes on underwater archaeology in Ukraine: the Centre for Underwater Archaeology (CUA).  The Centre was founded within the National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv in 1991. It is a non-profit research and educational organization that focuses mainly on nautical archaeology throughout the Black Sea region and underwater archaeology in Ukraine in particular.  The main aim of the CUA is to involve students, amateurs, sport divers and members of the general public in maritime archaeological field excavations and surveys, as well as educate them regarding this fascinating field and the preservation of underwater resources. The Centre currently comprises 50 students, scholars and specialists as members. Students study theory, methodology and the techniques of underwater archaeology, and acquire practical experience during summer excavations.

The Centre is currently carrying out its overview learning and training programmes for first year students, as well as developing a master’s curriculum, which is a part of the general master’s course in archaeology at the Department of Archaeology and Museum Studies. In addition, lectures on underwater archaeology are given to all interested members of the general public – amateur and professional divers alike. After attending the theoretical portion of the programme, they can actively participate in underwater archaeological expeditions carried out by the Centre.  The expeditions are a very important part of the educational programme.  While participating, the students who attended prior preparatory lectures and training sessions can implement their knowledge and practice their skills in a hands-on environment.  For those participants who don’t have a diving certification, attending the practical and theoretical classes provided by CMAS certified dive instructors is an excellent opportunity to obtain one. 

The Centre works in close cooperation with the scientific committee of CMAS and the Ukrainian Federation of Underwater Sport and Underwater Activities.

Another significant undertaking of the Centre is the Underwater Archaeology Summer Field School.  The field school participants learn how to excavate underwater and how to handle, preserve and record artifacts in the field. Students learn the practical aspects of underwater archaeology by taking part in the underwater excavation of the shipwrecks. All activities are held in shallow water under the supervision of professional underwater archaeologists and dive masters.  Students are given lectures and are taken on excursions to the various places of the Crimea.

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