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Ben Goetsh  

Benjamin Goetsch
B.A. Old World Archaeology, Brown University '05

As an experienced land archaeologist looking to participate on an underwater excavation, I was immediately drawn to the CUA expedition in the Black Sea for a number of reasons. The volunteer program was a perfect way to acquire the skills and experience I was looking for in underwater archaeology and the expedition's hands on approach to training was an ideal approach for my needs as both a diver and archaeologist. Having first familiarized myself with the tenants and principles of underwater archaeology through coursework at my university, I was ready to implement my knowledge in the field with the guidance from the experienced and seasoned staff of the CUA. In addition, I grew into a far more experienced diver and learned much from my Ukrainian colleagues and their collective experience as life-long divers and dive enthusiasts. I was impressed with the professionalism and dedication of the staff and volunteers and the energy with which they carried out their work. Besides the excitement and adventure that filled my days on the expedition, I remember most the friendships and connections I made while there. All the staff and volunteers were very accepting of my participation and eager to trade stories of all kinds. I was proud to be considered part of such a fantastic international team of archaeologists and divers, and I hope to return soon to join the team once again in upcoming seasons.

Currently, I have plans to form an American counterpart for the team next season. The idea would be to organize a group of American volunteers to streamline the processes of travel arrangements, living accommodations, equipment needs, and the daily organization of dive teams. If interested or if you any questions you would like to ask me about the next or 2005 season, please email me at

Thank you for your interest. Sincerely, Benjamin Goetsch

Ben and Igor
Kyle Lippenberger

Kyle Lippenberger, 2005

I am an American high school student who participated in the underwater excavation of a thirteenth century wreck in the Black Sea in Novy Svet, Ukraine this past summer with the Center for Underwater Archaeology associated with the University of Kiev. I love both scuba diving and history so I was very interested in becoming part of the team. I found this to be a very interesting experience and worth the long hours it took to get to Novy Svet from California in the United States. The area I excavated was already mapped out by a grid. With a buddy. I learned how to excavate underwater by hand fanning as I looked for anything significant. I did one dive daily providing the weather cooperated. Most of what was found was glazed pottery. Once I came back to the surface, I had to log what I found on a log sheet. I stayed with two other foreigners from Great Britain in a boarding house in the town of Sudak near the Fortress. I either ate great food at the camp where it was cooked for me or I bought food in town and cooked it with my roommates in the boarding house. All of team members were very nice and helpful. The whole trip was very well organized and had great leadership. Although this was a working dive, I even had some free time to explore the Fortress of Sudak, the surrounding areas and attend some cultural events. Before I flew home, I toured Kiev. Since I did not know Russian or Ukrainian, a Russian phrase book and a dictionary is very handy to have. I would like to participate in future excavations with the maritime program and am thinking of taking courses in college in archaeology and Russian. It was one of the best experiences I have ever participated in and would recommend it to serious divers who are interested in history and who want to expand their diving experiences.

Kyle and Co
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